Surf Report – Aug. 4

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August 4, 2021

We are setting expectations and getting to know each other. We will need a container for Pill Bugs tomorrow and dirt if possible.  

Things you should know:

*We will be map testing on Friday. Please make every effort to be in class and be on time.

*The students are doing Pill Bug (roly poly) Habitats on Friday.   Each student is required to bring a container with dirt in it.  They can bring sticks, leaves or rocks.  

*Please click the link in the email to open a google form I would like each parent to fill out to give me more insight about your student.

* VERY IMPORTANT TO READ:  Please click the link that says Website and visit my website home page which gives valuable information about the way the class is run. Anything you need for the year will be on that page.  Along with the newsletter posted weekly.

*Please click the link that says Studies Weekly so that you can pay online for that supply.  It will be used in Mr. Lyon’s SS class.  You only need to pay for one subscription.  I don’t use it in my class.


ON the Calendar:

Thurs. Aug. 5th – FEC meeting at 5:30

Last Week in Class:

This is the best part of my gazette, a short article written by the news reporter (a Student in class)  Please read the article.  The news Reporter is a job they do for a month and then we switch.  Look for the first one next week.