Surf Report – Aug. 16

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August 16, 2021

We completed MAP testing for all but a few students who were absent.  Can we grow a bean in cotton?


Please check in with your student, they will be planning a mold terrarium on Tuesday and may need to bring in certain items.  We will also be dissecting mushrooms this week so please let me know if your student should not be part of this experiment, due to allergies or any other concern. 

My Donorchoose is actually showing on the power campus link but here is a direct link if you are family and friends would like to donate.

Things you should know:

*A copy of the menu can be found on the google classroom

* I know that some of the students still didn’t get on google classroom last week.  I tried to get to them all but didn’t.  Homework will not be put in the grade book until all students have been logged in and able to get to homework. 

*I still have some parents that have not filled out this form.  Thank you to those who have it really helps me.  Please click the link in the email to open a google form I would like each parent to fill out to give me more insight about your student.

* VERY IMPORTANT TO READ:  Please click the link that says Website and visit my website home page which gives valuable information about the way the class is run. Anything you need for the year will be on that page.  Along with the newsletter posted weekly.

*Please click the link that says Studies Weekly so that you can pay online for that supply.  It will be used in Mr. Lyon’s SS class.  You only need to pay for one subscription.  I don’t use it in my class.


ON the Calendar:

Mon. Aug 16th – Sport tryouts start

Last Week in Class 

by Camden Shanahan

We are reading Wonder and it is so funny, one nurse was farting in the story.  School pictures are soon.  We drew raffle tickets and one student got to switch jobs with another student.  


 BY Jackson Garverick

Today we are growing green beans in water bottles, we each got two beans and we are not using soil instead we are using cotton balls for the soil.