Surf Report – Feb. 19

 In Math III, Scholars Prep Math III

Surf’s Up Math III families,                                                


We have just finished our unit 7.  You scholar will be bringing home a test score in the next couple of days, or they should be because I will pass it out to them. 

All tests in my class can be retaken, here is the process:

  1. Student needs to approach Mrs. G and ask to retake the test
  2. Student needs to complete the unit test in the back of the book(can check out book or take a picture of the test)
  3. When the student has completed that practice test, can use a calculator, notes and/or look in book, student needs to grade and then show it to Mrs. G.
  4. If the student scores 80% or higher on the practice test that can set up a time to come in and retake the test.
  5. G will always take the higher score.

I still have only about 50% of the students doing their homework.  It is an automatic 0/10 each week.  Home work can not be made up either.  Home work is on

There is a half day on Wednesday next week.