Surf Report – Dec. 2, 2020

 In Math III, Scholars Prep Math III

Hello Math III Families,  

We are almost done with this first crazy half of the school year!  I am grateful for the opportunity that I get to spend with your children each day.  They keep me young and moving.  Ha Ha.   I am aware as the mother of 6 kids that this has been an interesting, for lack of a better word, year and things are not normal or really okay.  But I am noticing a lot of things this year that are concerning.  There is a lack of energy, lack of drive, and a little bit of an attitude.  I get it!  But it is our job as parents, teachers, adults to help them keep going and working towards being better, smarter, and excited.  I have a lot more F’s than I ever have, a lot more missing assignments, and a lot of kids not even trying.  I have been offering extra credit remediation sheets to help with unit 2 and 3 test scores and I have about 2 kids from each class taking them and doing them.  This is amazing  to me since very few of the student scored well on these tests.  I am more concerned for them learning the math but at the same time I can’t force them, it never works.   Math is HARD, math takes work and it is also something they think they will never use so who cares.  But math really gives them two of the most powerful tools for success, problem solving and not giving up!

Please help me by encouraging them and holding them accountable:  checking to see if they did their homework, have missing assignments, need help?

What’s Coming Up:

Friday Dec. 4 – Spirit day – wear green or gold – HOUSE POINTS


Monday Dec. 14 – FINAL (units 1-3)   Reviews for all three units are on the stream page starting Dec. 7th

Monday Dec. 14th – Journals are DUE – I happy to accept journals on this day and not any day after. (online students must drop off journals at the front office or can drop off at a box sitting in the drive lane in the morning from 8 –  10, on Monday. 


Oops need to review:  (these are things that certain students have asked about, struggling with or just needed to reminded about.)

*HOMEWORK IS REQUIRED WEEKLY!  I can’t believe I still have over 75% of the student NOT doing their homework.

*All the lessons are on the stream page of your students google classroom for them to view.

*If your student turns in late work please remind them to email me that they turned it in and the title.  EX:  2-1 classwork.

*REMEMBER: if your student is struggling with a lesson:

  1. They can use the guided helps – example, help me solve
  2. They can do a similar question and it will give them points
  3. I have all the lessons on the stream page for review