Surf Report – Oct. 29

 In Math II, Scholars Prep Math II


Dear families,

I need your help!  I am seeing a lot of missing work and a lot of students are NOT doing their homework.  I have purposely made homework short and easy to give your students time to be kids.  But not doing it is losing them 10 points weekly and they can’t make up homework.  Please encourage and help them find ways in which they can be responsible for getting all their work and homework turned in on time and with their best work.

Please check on your student’s grade weekly and find ways to encourage them to work harder and better.  Encourage them to come for help if they don’t understand.  I have tutoring on Mondays with 5 spots open and I only have 1 or 2 students who are taking advantage of that situation.

Also I am seeing a lot of negative attitudes and really mean things being said in the classroom right now.  Please know that in my classroom you do not have to be friends but you do have to be kind and respectful.  I am going to give the students an opportunity to solve the situations themselves and if they can’t I will be sending home some emails for those students who are having constant problems with this.

WE are a Nut Free school.  Please remember as you pack snacks and lunch!


What’s Coming Up:

Friday Oct. 30 – Spirit day – wear green or gold


Oops need to review:  (these are things that certain students have asked about, struggling with or just needed to reminded about.)


*If your student is missing 2-2 through 2-4 they only have until Monday to make it up.

*All the lessons are on the stream page of your students google classroom for them to view.

*If your student turns in late work please remind them to email me that they turned it in and the title.  EX:  2-1 classwork.

*REMEMBER: if your student is struggling with a lesson:

  1. They can use the guided helps – example, help me solve
  2. They can do a similar question and it will give them points
  3. I have all the lessons on the stream page for review