Surf Report – March 26

 In Math II, Math III, Scholars Prep Math II, Scholars Prep Math III

Hello families,

I am so excited to get back to work on creating something for your child that will be easy and fun but also get them ready to move to the next math class.  I want to keep it stream lined and not overwhelm you with a million different websites and things to do.  I am working hard and having so much fun creating fun videos to share with the kids.  Now don’t be surprised if some of them are just me telling stories at the first.  I love to annoy them with my life stories and I need to have a little fun also.  I am also planning on being available from 9 – 3 to help one on one through video conferencing, if the students have questions, but I am still working on the best way to do this.  I am beyond excited to hear from and see them again.  I truly miss them!

I hope you are enjoying your time with them.  I know that all of this is crazy and unprecedented, hang in there, enjoy them, and keep safe.

What you can do to help:

  1. Have your child check and make sure they can log into their San Tan gmail accounts. Contact the front office if they can’t. We will be working through google classroom so they will need to be sure they can get on it each day!


  1. Check Infinite Campus (IC) to see where your child is currently sitting in their classes as far as grades are concerned. If you are struggling to get into IC, have your child log in to their account or reach out directly to the office.


  1. Set goals with your child. What class should they focus on? How much time can they realistically put into each class daily. When should they work on classes? I personally like to monitor my kids time online so where they should work and how are we going to check in daily is a good discussion also.


  1. If your child doesn’t have any possible way to access work online (phone, Chromebook, personal device, etc.), please reach out directly to me so we can work something out.


  1. I want to make this as easy and fun as possible. I will be working daily please contact me during office hours for any additional help with any part of this. If we are all patient we will come through this with flying colors.