Surf Report – Jan 13

 In Math II, Math III, Scholars Prep Math II, Scholars Prep Math III

First, thank you to everyone who sent in cards, gifts or goodies at Christmas. I was very touched and grateful.
It was wonderful to see some of you at parent conferences.
I had great conversation with the students when they came back about…
1. This is a new semester so the slate is clean, keep up on assignments and give me quality work.
2. Get your homework done weekly, you don’t want to lose out on those 10 points.
3. If you don’t finish an assignment on the day I give it to you in class, it now becomes homework for you that night! If you wait until the next night or the weekend you might forget and then your behind on assignments again.

What’s Coming Up:
Friday – Spirit day (wear green and gold)
Monday (18) – No School –
Oops need to review: (these are things that certain students have asked about, struggling with or just needed to reminded about.)
*Homework weekly – each student has homework in math. They are losing a lot of points each week. THEY CAN’T make up homework. .
*Please encourage your student to be on time.
*Check Infinite Campus for missing, assignments and current grades. The google classroom is not in synch with infinite classroom so if it is not missing on infinite campus it is not missing.
*Also notes and lessons are posted on the snap shot posts on the Stream page of your students google classroom.
*Every student should be using their question helps and doing a similar question on each assignment.