Surf Report – Feb. 26

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Hello Math II families,

ALL MAKE UP OR REDO WORK IS DUE ON FRIDAY.  YOUR STUDENTS HAVE KNOWN THIS FOR 2 WEEKS!  Please know that there is no exception on this deadline.

All math II students will need to turn in their journals on Friday. 

Do you have a career and time to come on Wednesday March 4th from 8:00 to 9:45?  If we get enough volunteers we will have it for two periods if not only one period.  We would be looking for you to share with the students about a 10 minute presentation of what you do on your job, what you needed to learn, what skills you use daily, anything else that would give the students a taste of what your job looks like. 

Sign Up for Career Share below:

½ days next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


Life is good,

Mrs. G