Surf Report 2 – Jan 26

 In Math II, Scholars Prep Math II


Would love some line paper!

Until further notice, I will only have tutoring on Thursdays, 3:30 – 4:00.

Great opportunity to stretch your scholar’s math skills and be part of a team.  They can get a flyer from me or front office.


Math 2 classes are in Red:




Many Parents and students have been asking what students can do to get a better grade in my math class.  Here are some suggestions: 

Come in to my class at level 0 and begin working.

Complete your bell work and then begin assignment.

Take good notes so you have something to look back on, study with and use if I allow notes on a test.

Be engaged in the lesson and ask questions.

Do your homework on Khan Academy each week.

Work during class so that you can finish assignments, get help if needed, and get them turned in on time.

STUDY for a unit test: go on Khan academy and practice, look for the study guide email and study, look through your journal at your notes, pull up videos on you tube that teach the concept.

Come to tutoring on Wed. and Thurs 3:30 to 4:00 if you don’t understand something.

Redo assignments that received a bad score.

Redo tests that are below 80%.  Please see test section below it has been there all year.