General information for all classes

Hello Math Families,

I’m so excited to get started with curriculum with your scholars. Here are additional guidelines for grading.


Bell work – students are expected to come into the classroom on time, quietly, and get started by doing their bell work in their math journals.  Bell work is 5 points a day.  We correct it.  Students that come in and follow the expectations receive 5 points.  Missed Bell work because of being tardy or causing a problem will not be allowed to be made up.  If your scholar is absent they are excused from Bell work.


Classwork – This is what I consider practice.  Each scholar starts out with 10 points at the beginning of practice time.  Students that are working hard, turn in their work, and are helping us create an awesome learning environment keep their 10 points.  After each practice time the students are given a “check what you know” this is generally 5 problems.  They receive a score out of 5 and this is added to their 10 points.  So each class assignment is potentially worth 15 points.  Students can make up any classwork assignments, they are also allowed to redo any assignments they didn’t do well on.  But this is their responsibility to come to me and find out what is missing or ask for a redo assignment.  I am happy to accept student work until the quarter dead line.

Make up assignments: Students in any math class have one week to turn in Missing assignments before they become 0’s and unable to be made up.   A good way to think about this is every Sunday or Monday log in to Infinite Campus and any M’s on assignments will be zeros by Friday.  So your scholar should check that, make a list and get the assignment and get it done and turned in by Friday.  


Unit assessments – This are given at the end of each unit.  Each one is worth 100 points.  Students who get less than 80 % are required to do a reteach section of the book.  They can also redo the test after completing the section.  They can also set up a tutor time with me to go over the material individually.  I am happy to let any student retake any assessment for a better score.  But once again it is the student responsibility to come to me and tell me they would like to retake it, find out what is required before you can and set up a time to do so with me. I am happy to let a student retake an assessment until the quarter dead line.


Homework – Math is a class where homework is mandatory for each student here at San Tan.  I start each student off at a level A which is 10 minutes of math a day.  Parents are welcome to request level B or C at any time.  B is 15 and C is 20 minutes.  This is due on Fridays at Midnight but the assignment stays open until Sunday at Midnight so students can complete homework over the week end for partial credit.  Each week’s homework is worth 10 points.