General information for all classes


  1.     Your student comes in to class home based or in person muted or at level zero.  They are expected to immediately open their journals and begin their bell work.

Home based bell work is in the classroom on the classwork tab.  They finish it while Mrs. G takes attendance and other housekeeping items. 

  •       Bell work is graded on coming in, getting started and turning it in on time.  Mrs.  G looks over it but the grade for bell work is about effort and expectation.
  •       Bell Work is review of the basic skills needed to be successful in math.  We review them over and over in our bell work through out the year.  
  •       Bell Work is worth 5 points each day except Friday.  Friday is riddle or rebus day.  We just have some fun.  But answers must still be in journal for Friday to get journal points.
  •       All Bell work is due before 4:00 pm on the day assigned.  It will not be available to turn in after that time.
  •       Bell work can not be made up. 
  •       If you are absent you will be excused and receive automatic 5 points for that day.  You do not need to make it up.
  •       Bell work should be filled in on the google form and answers written in their journals. 
  •       If the google form says you got it wrong because you didn’t type it in one of the forms Mrs. G did as the answer.  That will not loose points for you as it is about effort and I can see your answers. 
  •       We grade bell work the next day and a score is put in the journal.
  •       Bell work page in journal is set up each Monday for the whole week.
  •       If your student is gone on Monday, they are expected to set the page up the same way.  And put absent in the Monday square.  They have an example on the classroom on the stream page.
  •       Students must have video on until they hear me call their name for attendance then they can go to video off.
  •       Students must have videos on while we are correcting the bell work.




  1.     Following Bell work we either go to whole group lessons or classwork time. 


Home based Whole group lessons:


Ø  Whole group lessons are when Mrs. G is introducing a new concept. 

Ø  Students are expected to be taking notes during this time in their journals.

Ø  The lessons will (cross fingers) attached to the snap shot posts on the classroom stream page for student who might have missed them.

Ø  Notes are expected to be gotten from a friend or taken from the video when your student is absent.


          Classwork Time:

o   This is the time that students are working on their assignments.

o   Students are responsible for having their assignments turned in by the due date and time.

o   Once the due date and time have passed the student will have 20% taken from the grade.

o   Students will have 1 month from the due date to turn in missing or 0 assignments.  2 weeks it sits with a M for missing, the next 2 weeks a 0,

1 month it is a 0 for eternity.  No exceptions.

o   Absent students will have one week from when they return to school to complete any assignments missing while gone, without the 20% mark off.  If not returned within the week they will go straight to week 2 of the above schedule. 

o   All assignments are on the classroom.  They will remain there for the month and then they will be gone.

o   If your student turns in an assignment late on the pearson website please have them email me to go look, because it will not alert me. 


  1.     Your student has weekly homework, ironic that right now it is all homework. 

ü  It is assigned on Monday and due on Sunday by midnight

ü  It is for 10 points a week.

ü  You cannot make up homework

ü  It is found on the classroom, classwork tab



  1.     Attendance requirements:
  • Your student must enter the google meet on time and on mute. 
  • They must stay in the google meet until I say they can choose to work in class with video on or off, or exit the class to work on assignment.
  • When student finish the current assignment they choose from the following, exit and take a break, continue to work on something else in class(homework, extra credit projects)
  • Students leaving the class after attendance without permission will be marked absent.
  • If your student enters the classroom late they need to say in the chat I’m here.  I don’t always see someone come in the class if I’m teaching. 



  1.     Journals:

v  Journals are turned in for a grade at the end of the quarter.

v  All Journals that have:  bell work from each week, Topic labels and tabs, notes from each lesson, readable handwriting and good use of the notebook pages will get a good grade.