General information for all classes



AM CLASS (homeroom)

8:35 – 9:00 Music (M & Th) – Read aloud (T, W, F)

9:05 – 9:30 PE (Daily)

9:35 – 11:05 Math

11:05 – 11:40 Science

11:40 – 11:45 Switch classes

11:45 – 12:30 Recess/Lunch

PM class

12:35 – 2:05 – Math

2:05 – 2:45 Science

2:45 – 3:00 Clean up



Must have:  2 Comprehension books, pencil, Folder, Water bottle, Lunch with snacks

Can have:  Calculator, white board, white board marker


Please check emails weekly for supplies I am in need of to help us do our science projects or experiments.


Math – each Monday they will receive a menu that has Have to Do and Can do.  All items on the menu are due on Friday.  The menu has all the items we will work on throughout the week.

Science – each Monday they will receive a menu that has Have to Do and Can do.  All items on the menu are due on Friday.  The menu has all the items we will work on throughout the week.

Students are expected to keep the menu, make choices that are productive, and staple all menu items to the menu and turn it in on Friday.

A Folder is needed to put all menus and papers that are part of the menu throughout the week.   Please have them write their names on the outside of the folder in Sharpie.


The Menus will be posted on the google classroom weekly if you want to see what they are and check in with your student halfway through the week to see where they are on their accomplishments.


For both AM and PM classes all students will start with level A homework.  That is 10 math problems that match or are a week behind our lessons in class.  They will be assigned it on Monday and it is due on Friday.  They can accomplish it any time they want.  Homework B adds 5 problems, Homework C adds 5 problems.

It is found through google classroom.  That allows all kids to complete it, have it graded and turn it in easily.


Please check in with your students to make sure they are completing their homework.  Also make sure your student has accepted the google classroom invite.


All students should be logged into the google classroom.  I will post menus, assignments, videos, and HOMEWORK on the classroom.  This makes it easy to do your homework but also makes it easy to access assignments when you are absent.


Please email if your student did not get the invite to the google classroom or you are having trouble getting in.  I will send another invite or give you the class code.  YOUR student MUST accept the invite while in their San Tan Charter School google account.  It won’t let them in otherwise.  Please contact the front office if you can get into that account. NO HOMEWORK until next week.


Since the 5th grade is eligible to play sports they will receive Letter grades on all assignments in both math and science.

90- 100 = A

80 – 89 =B

70 – 79 =  C

60 – 69 = D

59 and under = F

If your student is playing sports at the school they will not be eligible if they don’t keep their grades D and above.


Please check on your students grade weekly by logging into infinite campus.  If you aren’t sure how to log into IC please contact the front office as I don’t have the ability to give you that information.

Class Economy:

Students will be participating in a class economy that will teach math skills and life skills.

They will use class money earned by completing a classroom job to pay rent for space in the class, buy and sell items at the monthly market and pay citations for messy desks, causing a problem in class. etc.

Students are allowed to have a market space on the last Wed. of the month, generally a half day.


Understand that all items sold at the market have to be approved to be sold by parents and be aware that they will only make class money.


Fall: American Revolution Festival at Shneff Farms

Spring: Science Camp – Chapel Rock in Prescott

Science Camp will be about what it was last year so if you want to start saving up for that.  I will send out more information about paying in payments soon.


Music and PE are classes they get weekly.

Art Masterpiece will be a couple of times a month.